Aleblood the Dwarf

After a particularly daring, daunting, and painful quest, Jolly found himself exhausted, tired of his party, and in dire need of change. After bidding the party Godspeed he takes the long road home and stops at his old haunt the Randy Shanker Inn in Marikest. Jolly stumbles wearily down to the taproom to hoist a few to his deity. “It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it,” he says to himself with a smile as he praises Cayden for a safe journey back.

The beer was ambrosia. It was sublime. It was spectacular. Jolly knew that Cayden was pleased. He bought several rounds for the locals and they told tales and laughed deep into the night.

He awoke a new man.. ur.. dwarf.. sore muscles, burned skin, bruised knees were gone when he awoke. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a good hearty dwarven breakfast to give you the confidence to make a change in your life—approach a new day with a full belly and nothing can stand in your way!

Jolly took the treasure he had earned and took a room in Marikest. He continued to work on his craft as a brewminion at the Randy Shanker where he swapped tales and made good ales. After several months, he had started to fill out again, he was close to being a master at his craft, and he had lots of people that he liked to spend time with. But a tiny menace he first felt as some far off stirring in his gut began to press into the woods around Marikest. More and more murmurs in the tavern whispered of men disappearing and strange foul creatures being seen in the area. Rumors and fear always lead to exaggeration, but people he trusted begin to report sightings. All this served to confirm the growing sense of unease that even the ale could not erase. Sending messages through runners and magical means, Aleblood sends the call to his brothers (and sisters?) in arms. “Take up the cause, make haste, and join me in defending my land for I am in need! Once more into the fray, my friends.”


Only a day’s march from Brightstone Keep,Marikest finds itself uncomfortably near the frontier. Most of its able-bodied men and women went off with the army that recently departed, leaving it with only a small force of sheriffs to patrol the entire community.

The large town follows the rules noted for a community of its size in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Chapter 4.
Conventional; AL NG,3000 gp limit; Assets, 150,000 gp; Population 3,300;

Mixed (human 80, halfling 9, elf 5, dwarf 3, gnome 2, half-elf 1).

Authority Figures:
Town Council Speaker Gerrard Ishkar (male human Ari8),
Town Council members Hubrid Darkfather (male dwarf, Exp5 “blacksmith”) and Sara Ty-Djarling (female half-elf,Brd8).

Important Characters: Reg Ty-Djarling, male elf, Rgr5 (sheriff ); Lorren, male human Clr9 (Pelor/healer); Makkal of Psen, male dwarf Mnk3/Rog3 (adventurer) Others: Sheriff ’s guards, War2 (30); Traders and Craftsmen, Exp3 (40); Rog3 (12); Rgr3 (2); Com1 (3210)

Brightstone Keep

Built many years ago to protect a small mining concern, Brightstone Keep was just too far out on the frontier for anyone to protect when the wars began. As a result, it was assaulted, overrun by evil humanoids, and abandoned. Recently, the armies of civilization drove back the creatures that occupied the Keep, but it still has that same old problem—location, location, location.

Once more into the fray

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