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Gurny of the Middlelands


Only a day’s march from Brightstone Keep,Marikest finds itself uncomfortably near the frontier. Most of its able-bodied men and women went off with the army that recently departed, leaving it with only a small force of sheriffs to patrol the entire community.

The large town follows the rules noted for a community of its size in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Chapter 4.
Conventional; AL NG,3000 gp limit; Assets, 150,000 gp; Population 3,300;

Mixed (human 80, halfling 9, elf 5, dwarf 3, gnome 2, half-elf 1).

Authority Figures:
Town Council Speaker Gerrard Ishkar (male human Ari8),
Town Council members Hubrid Darkfather (male dwarf, Exp5 “blacksmith”) and Sara Ty-Djarling (female half-elf,Brd8).

Main Page

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