Once more into the fray

Talathel and Edmos

Talathel and Edmos

Arriving in the early evening of the 6th, Edmos Delgall of Silverhill, on his black steed, Drake, he gallops across the River Mari towards Marikest. There is a gate on the north side of the bridge manned by two town guards. Intimidated by the horse and the capable man mounted upon it, the guards cry out, “Halt! State your business, sire!” Edmos hands them the note from Jolly. The guards quickly raise the gate and send a young page to run Edmos to the Randy Shanker only a stone’s throw away to the east. The young page, Simon, lets Edmos know that his horse will be stabled nearby and well cared for by him personally. “See to it, then,” and tosses the boy a silver piece. “Drake, I will see you in the morrow.”

He is lead to his room, handed the sealed information packet left by Jolly. He is fed well and retires to sleep off the road wear.

The next day, as Edmos was finishing a proper late breakfast at the Shanker, Talathel was delivered to the Inn by town guards. With a gracious bow, Talathel dismiss his chaperons upon spying Edmos. Edmos rises from the table and embraces his elven brother. Talathel settles into a chair next to him, as he waves off a plate of food he was offered. In hushed tones, they get down to business right away. Edmos fills in Talathel on his plans to report to the council his desire to address the apparent lack of proper defense in the eastern quarter of the town. After reading the missive from Jolly, he nods his agreement and they join forces to address this issue.
“Do you wish to eat my old friend?”
“No, I am well rested and have no need for sustenance just yet. Shall we depart?”
“Let’s go.”

Edmos and Talathel seek out Hubrid Darkfeather and begin to review the protections of the eastern quarter. Hubrid sends his middle son, Dalond, to see to their needs.



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